Project and Logistics Management Strategies

about palms

PALMS was Established in Western Australia by Managing Director Dennis A Parsons during 2009, Project and Logistics Management Strategies has grown considerably and now boasts international, interstate, intrastate and local clientele.

The amalgam of a unique industry background coupled with diverse qualifications and significant cross-sector experience enables P A L M S to deliver value to clients that ordinarily require a range of subject matter experts to resolve.  The benefit to client is a central point of service delivery that remains cognisant with the key strategic drivers of processes to resolve the issues until the final outcomes are delivered.

PALMS niche expertise and processes bridge the gap often evident between logistics business, infrastructure and service expectations against matched plant, operational and organizational capability. These processes, delivering optimized business logistics strategies, integrate value and reduce fragmentation inefficiencies within client’s supply chains.

PALMS Vision is to be….

  • Renowned for exceptional outcomes delivered from expertise ordinarily unavailable to stakeholders from a singular entity

PALMS Mission is to…

  • Grow and develop with stakeholders who value results that transcend the remit of larger multi-disciplinary entities and to;
  • Remain profitable whilst providing true value for money, never operating in arenas where value is not added and identifiable, whilst;
  • Focusing on functionality, sustainability and service quality in all outcome deliverables through economic, social and environmental trading ethics.

PALMS Values…

  • Privileged participation in the Global transport and logistics market,delivering world-class, competitive, innovative and unique solutions to the marine transport, port, terminal, supply-chain and regulatory stakeholders sectors
  • Using state-of-the art methods and applications that ensure its longevity and continued ability to excel for clients; with the belief and aspiration that real solutions and demonstrable value set it apart
  • Embodies an incomparable experience and qualifications mix that permits continual and outstanding responsiveness; leveraging its own, and its valued subcontracted resources.