PALMS’s service offering leverages niche expertise and processes that bridge anomalies between infrastructure and service expectations. PALMS’s services deliver optimized business logistics strategies, integrate value and reduce fragmentation inefficiencies within interdependent supply chains. The business prides itself on delivering affordably negotiated solutions which leverage positive economic and sustainable benefits for clients.

PALMS is based in Perth, Western Australia but has operated intra-state, interstate and internationally since 2009.With the exception of its Website, the venture does not promote itself significantly; most engagement is through exclusive industry referral. Dennis Parsons operates the business as the sole principal and subject-matter-expert, assisted by subcontracted and allianced niche expertise when circumstances require.

An important element of the operating philosophy is an initial assessment of client needs in order to confirm that value may be delivered prior to any engagement. Success is evidenced by way of thirty-three case studies posted on this site; references are available upon request prior to any engagement should that be desired

PALMS has grouped its solutions into ten categories to enable user to expediently navigate to the area of their focus. These are;

  1. Strategy

  2. Ports

  3. Projects

  4. Infrastructure

  5. Superstructure

  6. Subject-matter-expert

  7. Contracts

  8. Logistics

  9. Assurance

  10. Measurement 

Each focus area contains a list of areas of expertise to enable the user to identify capability in that subject area. More in-depth content is set out within the (thirty-three) client case studies linked to those subject areas within the site.

Solutions within reach

Dennis Parsons commands a proven capability in senior executive business logistics, strategic planning and port development projects delivering trade facilitation and major regional economic growth.

Dennis successfully changes cultural paradigms from process to service orientation and develops a focus on supply chain integration for port/terminal services in parallel with strategic development initiatives; this philosophy is known as Quality Port Management....

Dennis PArsons

Project and Logistics Management Strategies