​PALMS ‘solutions within reach’ expertise is founded upon hands-on experience in the governance, strategic, executive and operational management of all facets of global marine, shipping, freight, ports (infrastructure, superstructure and services) and logistics business undertakings. PALMS ‘does not go where it does not know’. The service offering is most diverse and is sustained by an unsurpassed depth of knowledge, experience and qualification. Each individual engagement benefits enormously from the amalgam of skill and experience able to be applied by a single entity. Adjunct subject matter expertise, when required in specialist fields, such as Rail, Road, Legal, Environment and Engineering, is either sub-contracted in or ‘allianced’; depending upon the circumstances.

PALMS unique service offering is set against the background of international exposure to shipping and transport logistics generally as well as private ownership and public sector governance/executive/operational engagement in the global maritime and transport arena incorporating the following areas of expertise: 

  • Strategic development planning facilitation in ports aligned to National, State, Regional, Local and terminal logistics needs.

  • Identification, development and harmonization of port and inter-modal transport nodes; from conception, through pre and technical feasibility, bankable feasibility, project delivery and commissioning.

  • Optimization of developed strategic plans, providing end-to-end supply chain analysis, supporting trade growth and service diversification strategies.

  • Affreightment terms development, comparisons of options and specific advice supporting contract development.

  • Quality Port Management strategy delivery; realizing optimal capacity utilization and product realization for ports and terminals.

  • Least-cost-pathway identification studies and strategies driving trade growth, supporting infrastructure development and further business opportunity; balancing least-cost-pathway terminal/port/shipping with road and rail modes

  • Assurance strategies for ports, terminals and service providers, integrating environmental requirements, quality assurance, security, business continuity and risk appraisal with the management of transport logistics businesses

  • Development of optimized service parameters for port services, allowing ports to improve cost efficiencies in the supply chain, adding value for their customers.

  • Provision of “expert” opinion and deliberation for legal representation or industrial reporting, mergers and acquisition and project or investment due diligence purposes.

  • Delivery of strategy for Maritime transport security (regulatory and operational) requirements for ports and inter-modal logistics linkages.

  • Proven capability in managing ship/terminal/urban interfaces for ports and inter-modal nodes with full cognizance with business structures, financial and operational management requisites including all infrastructure, superstructure, plant, equipment, hardware, software and empirical and proprietary systems.

  • Successful career, in the international shipping industry, trading world-wide with developed understanding of shipping market, contracts of affreightment, maritime regulatory, legal, commercial and operational matters.

Project and Logistics Management Strategies